Tremolino Collaborative, USA, Maine, Greens Island

The Tremolino Educators Collaborative is designed and intended to be a collaborative experience and with that it will take the energy, spirit and initiative from all participants to make this a successful experience for all. The goal of this program is to promote and support the continued education and development of educators who are currently engaged in or are interested in teaching in an educational program and to provide a shared experience and a format through we can learn from a diverse field of philosophies and practices, to enhance their own skills and to become a more experienced and effective educator.
The program was held in Rockland, Maine between August 14th to 23rd 2009
18 participants took part in a program: 18 people – 15 from USA, 1 from Basque country, 2 from Russia, male/female : 11/7, ages from 18 to 60, leaders, teachers and trainers, working in very different areas with children and youngsters, sea experience – from zero level up to professional sailing instructor
6 boats were used during the program: 2 Bantry Bay gig, Balancelle Espagnole (3 sails, Latin rig, Spain, 16 century), Norwegian Ferring (1 square sail), Maine Pinky Scooner (2-masted Gaff scooner, USA, 18th century), traditional boat Lancing Madura from Indonesia

Click here to read report of Zlata Bredova, Director of AC Russia